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What you can explore ??????

Chiang rai : The Most North province in Thailand, since AD 1262, had been once of capital Of Nana Kingdom during the 13th century . from AD 1786 it became part of Thailand Temperature average 24.6C, with hot and cool season : from November to March : cool weather : between : 24 – 16 C Hot weather : 28 - 22 C average Chiang rai is between Myammar & Laos , during the 20th century , famous for opium plantation and drugs . since 1970 onwards Thai government develop this province and today main products is fruit, vegetables , handicraft , padi field . Golden Trinagle today become a famous tourist destination in Thailand Different with others provinces , Chiang rai is non commercial province , peaceful , harmony and with local friendly villagers , beautiful natural scenery , fruits estate , padi field, tea garden and unit of Northern Culture , give you a good memory for your holidays.

Nearby scenery for you to visit

  • White Temple : 35 mins drive
  • White Temple : 35 mins drive
  • Bann Dam Museum : 15 mins drive
  • Singha Park : 40 mins drive
  • Chui Fong Tea plantation : 40 mins drive
  • Golden Triangle : 55 mins drive
  • Elephant Camp Beside Mai Kok River
  • Doi Tung Hill Flower garden / Palace : 60 mins drive

Scenery Introduction

White Temple is also called Wat Rong Khun 

Entrance Fee 50 Bahts : Opening hour  9:00-18:00  

The Thai most famous Artist and Architect Mr. Chaloemchai Khositphiphat design and built for Her Majesty Queen of Thailand . Modern and Buddhist Art , and for guest to learn what is the actual live and dead , to the another real world.

Picture from Thailand Association of Tourism

Entrance : 80 Bahts Opening hour  9:00-12:00  13:00-17:00

It was built by a famous  Artist, also he is the teacher of White temple designer Mr. Chaloemchai .  Most of the building colour in Black  , main subject is about dead and future, also include the olden days Child toy  and play ground , view this amazing collection of Arts and surprise.

 Free entrance , for some games need to pay : Opening hour 9:00 – 18:00

Also is a Park , Farm and Zoo , beautiful scenery , amusement park , restaurant , coffee house flying fox , good for family and frieds , relax and enjoy .

Long Neck Karen Village : Entrance fee 300 Bahts    

Hill tribes at the border of Myammar and Thailand ,  Known as Karen tribes form under the race  group of Padaung. Child from 5 –  6 years old , start wearng the copper ring on the neck and add annually  until the neck as long as they can.

Doi Tung Hill Garden / Palace      Entrance fee full set : 220 Bahts  Opening 07:00-18:00

Located in between Thai and Myammar border  Mountain “Tung “ , supervise and build by His Majesty Late King Mother . Include Palace , flowers , rehabilitation of Plants and crop , handicrafts.Many species of flowers imported from Europe . here alos known as “Mini Swiss “

Mainly set up with 5 portion

1)Mae Fah Luang Garden

2)Doi Tung Royal Villa ( Open morning only to12:30)

3)Hall of Inspiration

4)Mae Fah Luang Arboretum

5)Doi Tung Tree Top Walk 

Picture from Thailand Association of Tourism.

Mae Kok River Elephant Camp : Entrance fee   500 Bahts

 Elephant ride 30mins : 9:00 -16:00

 Different with others Elephant camp, located at river side of Mae Kok , and can interactive   

With Elephant , enjoy the scenery of rivers , jungle and near by small village

Chiang Rai Hot Spring :  Free entrance ,  travelling in between  Chiang Rai to Chiang mai year round , try the hot spring boil egg (20 bahts per bag ),  soak your leg with hot spring relax.

Golden Triangle located in the border of 3 countries : Myammar , Lao and Thailand , Mae Kong River -one of the longest river in the world , begins from Tibet China , with famous Giant

Cat Fish in this river . Been famous for Drug “Opium” production in the world , today  It become the most famous Tour destination ,  many local products : jewely , hill tribes dress , restaurant , local products  & etc.

During the civil war in China, part of the China troops escape from Yunnan to Myammar Border and settle down in this mountainous area : Mae Salong Hill .  majority of them speak  Chinese,  main products here is coffee,  tea garden.

Picture from Thailand Association of Tourism

Choui Fong Tea Garden :   

Tea plantation in Chiang Rai ,  green mountain and stair case tea farm , have a nice tea at this cosy restaurant , bird view the whole scenery  . Design by Thai Architect and won the World class of The Architizer A+ Awards.  Do not miss it.

Picture from Thailand Association of Tourism

 Border of Thailand and Myammar ,  separate by the small river : Mae Sai river , bride about 20 Meter cross over to Myammar . Many shops , restaurant , selling the products of Thai and Myammar . Mae Sai also known as “sleep beauty ) as the mountainous valley looks like a shape of sleeping beauty.

From Villa to  Phu Chi Far about 120 km ,  is border of Thailand and Laos .  Best place to view  the Sun rise  ( 5:00am to 6:00 am)Wake up very early morning ,  need to wear more clothing  , passing through the hill tribes village ,  about 2 hrs ++  to reach there . clouds is under , sun rise up from the cloud , shocking beauty scenery.

Picture from Internet

Golden Clock tower , Golden walk path way . Heart of Chiang Rai town .  Morning 7.00am to 9.00am and 2.00pm to 5.00pm ,  local Big market, road side hawker , fresh food,  vegetables Clothing , cooked food , local hawkers and many others .  Others shopping area :  Central Festival shopping ,  Robinson shopping  ,  Big C ,  Makcro & etc

6.00pm to 10.00pm : Can go Food Street and nearby many traditional Thai massage with very cheap price.